Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Sun brings out best of outdoor Charleston

The sun came out on our final day in Charleston, May 25, and we didn't waste the opportunity to get out and explore.

We started at an old favorite -- Waterfront Park, where the shot above and first below were taken. You might recognize the first below; I posted a view of the same line of Palmetto trees in my previous post, only taken from the opposite side of the promenade.

In the water off the main pier was the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship, and if you click on the picture to bring up a larger version, you'll see on the far right, on the Mount Pleasant side of the Ravenel Bridge over the Cooper River, you'll see a bevy of sailboats. Those are participants in the 2017 College Sailing National Championships, which were held in Charleston this year. I'll have at least one other picture of the sailboats further down in the post.

As usual, click on any image to bring up a larger, sharper version. This is particularly useful if you access the blog using a mobile device. Click on the link in this sentence to view a full gallery of the images I made in Charleston in May. 

Photo geek stuff: I shot all of my photos with my Canon 6D and Tamron 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di PZD VC lens equipped with a B+W polarizing filter. I bracketed all compositions for three exposures to allow for melding in high-dynamic range (HDR) software in post-processing. Many of the images in this post were treated that way. 

A man offers some food to a bird at a table (above) on the pier in Waterfront Park. Not long afterward, the bird on the other table (background, above) joined the other bird (below) on the table with the man.

Above and below: Two photos showing the sailboats in the College Sailing National Championships in the background. In the one above, I actually was focusing on the woman taking a selfie at the end of the pier. 

Above: Some hibiscus blooms in a garden along the waterfront. 

Above: A ship heading out to sea from port at Charleston.

Above: When I go to this fountain in Waterfront Park, ordinarily I dislike having to shoot around all the people who gravitate to it. But on this day, with so many people enjoying the spectacle, I decided to pull back and photograph them enjoying the fountain. 

Above: A walker enjoying the riverside stroll through the park.

Above: I made another stop along Rainbow Row, and this one of the shots from that indulgence.

Above: I hadn't seen an upper-level extension of this sort before, so ... I did what came instinctively.

Above: This was my runner-up choice for the photo to lead off the post 

Above: A remnant of the wall that once was connected to a battery and was used to protect Charleston along the waterfront. The commemorative exhibit where this is displayed is across East Bay Street not far from the onetime home of comedian and CBS talk show host Stephen Colbert (below).

Above: An upper front facade of a home down East Bay Street from Colbert's former home.

Above: A fleet of military aircraft flies over the Cooper River, stopping pedestrians who look up to admire the spectacle.

Above and below: Scenes from Water Point Garden, also known as Battery Park, at the south end of the peninsula. 

Above and next three below: Pictures from homes along Battery Street across from White Point Gardens (Battery Park). 

The onetime home of former Vice President John Calhoun (above) along with garden ornamentation (below) sprinkled throughout the grounds. 

Above and next two below: Some hard-angle and/or radical crop compositions from other homes in the neighborhood. 

Above: A street vendor along a prominent thorough in the neighborhood. 

Above: Relaxing in a neighborhood park.

The roof of a home (above) in front of which a man used a selfie stick to Facetime with someone. 

Next up: College of Charleston

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