Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Presenting ... Band Wagon

I had a chance to photograph Band Wagon, an Indy cover band, on Dec. 17 when it played for a private party at the Eagles lodge in Crawfordsville, Ind. As it turned out, the band was needing an updated formal shot of the group to use to promote itself for an upcoming show at the Indiana Live! casino between Indianapolis and Shelbyville along I-74. They also wanted some fresh live performance images, and I delivered both to them.

What you see in this post are results of that shoot, leading off (top) with a shot of four of the band's five members who did the Crawfordsville show (a sixth member, vocalist JT Miner, performs with the group part time and was not present for this show). From left are lead vocalist Lisa Kopczynski, bass player Kent Andrews, drummer Derek Carmichael and guitarist Dave Hetrick. Off to the left and not pictured here is vocalist, guitarist, sax player and keyboardist Tim Dunn.

For the formal shot, the band wanted to pose in front of the pretty large recreational vehicle -- or fan bus, as they like to call it -- that they use to transport the band to show in far-away places and fans to shows booked at clubs in the outskirts of Indianapolis. It's a comfortable way for fans to see the group and not have to worry about fatigue or alcohol intake before tackling a long drive home -- a pretty novel and smart-thinking idea for any local band to do for its faithful following, if you ask me.

For those interested in checking out the band, Band Wagon is playing Champps on the Northside of Indianapolis, 8711 N. River Crossing, on New Year's Eve. Show starts at 10 p.m.

To see a full gallery of images from the performance, follow this link

Above: Lisa hitting a high note at a powerful point in the lyric.

Above and below: Tim and Lisa, punching life into this section of a tune.

Above: Kent, caught between one of the cymbals in Derek's drum set and the head and pegs of one of Dave's guitars. 

Above: Derek coming down on the down beat. 

Above: Lisa on vocals while, in the background, a member of the party crowd volunteered to join the band on the stage to play cowbell during "Honky Tonk Woman."
Above: Tim putting emotion into one of his vocal solos. 
Above and below: Dave on guitar and joining in on vocals. 

Above: Tim on keyboards.

Above: Catching the indigo light cast on the guitar head and tuning pegs of Dave's guitar.

Above: Lisa, still going strong in the second set. 

Above: Derek, caught from a down low angle. 

Above: Tim and Dave, relaxing in the fan bus during a break.

Above: Exploiting more indigo light, this time in shadows of Lisa on vocals (left) and Dave on guitar off one of the walls in the lodge during the show. Thanks to the band's new light man for the tip on this one.

Above and next two below: Three poses of the group shot in front of the fan bus before the show. 

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  1. Very, very good!!! I must say an excellent choice in local bands!!!!!