Thursday, December 1, 2011

Game Day:
Marian University: The Entertainers

For several days after I visited Marian University in Indianapolis on Saturday, I kept thinking to myself how much I enjoyed the experience and how much I'd like to return this weekend -- purely as a spectator -- to see the Knights' semifinal tournament game (NAIA) against St. Xavier University (game pictures were included in yesterday's post). Then I remembered that Marian was charging $15 for admission and another $10 for parking -- $25 total, and I couldn't help but try to resolve how Marian could do that when other small colleges in Indiana were charging nothing for parking and only $5 admission.

I got over that thought process when I reminded myself, finally, that Marian put on a wonderful, well-rounded show -- the athletic competition on the gridiron, and the pregame and halftime (especially) entertainment, the Marian Marching Knights, Drumline and Color Guard. It costs money to support those ensembles, not to mention the football team. Plus, no other small-school I visited this fall came close to touching Marian in doing all that for its spectators. And ... it sure still beats the heck out of what it would cost to pay for parking and admission at a Colts game. (OK, right here, the naysayers would chime in, "And this year, who would want to?")

Today's post is dedicated to the Marching Knights, Drumline and Color Guard. Thank you for an opportunity to photograph your entertaining performance Saturday. To see a gallery of more pictures from these ensembles, visit this link.

My next post will be devoted to the Marian University campus and its landscape, from shots taken before and after Saturday's game.


  1. Thanks for all the kind words about Marian University and the Marian University Marching Band! Just a point of clarification, normal ticket prices for MU football games are indeed $5 like other colleges as you mention. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) dictates the prices of post-season/playoff tickets, and the NAIA actually raises the ticket prices for each round of the playoffs.

    Most people, understandably, don't like that a lot, but I just wanted to clarify that is a policy of the NAIA and NOT Marian University!

  2. Marian University Marching Knights may not be a big band, but they put on a great show. These kids work hard and are dedicated to this program.
    I have a son in the band and always have a good time watching them perform. Thanks so much for
    your glowing review

  3. It gives me goosebumps to even begin typing a comment about the Marian University Marching Band. I am an alum of Marian and I am so proud to be a Knight. I've watched the marching band program grow from less than 10 kids to what it is now and they literally bring me to tears every Saturday afternoon when I watch them perform. I am not an instrumentalist by any means, but the MU Marching Band makes me the BIGGEST band geek wannabe. I WISH I COULD BE THEM! This is such a special program and Dr. Hearn and Professor Whipkey do an amazing job. We are so fortunate to be a part of a loving and talented community at Marian where people can grow in academics, athletics, performing arts, and spirituality.