Friday, April 8, 2011

Lines, shapes and patterns ...
in the Sunken Garden

I took a stroll to the bank this afternoon, and went via Garfield Park, as I always do. On the return trip, I took a quick look at how the outdoor tulip bulbs were doing in the Sunken Garden, adjacent to the conservatory. While leaving the Sunken Garden, the lines, shapes and patterns of the entryway gate caught my eye, and I started shooting -- yes, I'd brought along my PowerShot G12 -- and ended up with these images. I provide a perspective shot immediately below so you sortakinda know the sections I picked on to isolate in the closeups.

I end the post with a shot of the flag poles, to illustrate how windy it was this afternoon, and closeups of the Sunken Garden name on the bottom of the entry gates.



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