Thursday, January 7, 2010

I can't bear to look!

The image above and the two below are extra shots from my recent visit to Metamora. I decided to add them here after electing to use the top one, at least for the time being, as my desktop art on my pc at home.

Just moments before I took the shot above, each of the ducks had taken an explosive -- and very fast -- self-imposed dunk under water, which the two pictures below don't capture nearly as well as I had hoped, other than in each frame, at least one of the three ducks can't be seen because it's still under water. You see a bit of commotion in the pictures below, but not nearly what I remember seeing. Within 15 seconds after they all resurfaced, the duck on the right did its "see no evil" thing, although ... I think it really was simply wiping its eyes.

To see more of the Metamora images, click here Gallery.

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