Monday, January 5, 2009

Lizzy's 3rd birthday

Granddaughter Lizzy's third birthday was last week, and the family got together Saturday to mark the occasion. That's Lizzy above, donning the head gear (I know there's a more fashionable term for this stuff, but this is a guy speaking!) from a dress-up outfit she received as a present. Below, Lizzy takes her first huff at the three candles on her cake. She needed two tries!

Lizzy's mother and the mother of Eva (above and below) are longtime friends dating to grade school. Eva, who will be 4 years old in February, was seated at a small card table in the kitchen, where the kids were eating cake, and I happened to find an open corner behind the table, right below a window where sunlight was splashing through a curtain. Eva, who had been facing forward (to the left) when I first sat down on the floor, turned toward me while I took pictures in another direction. Apparently intrigued by my activity, she struck this pose without any prompting. I turned and noticed her -- and the interesting light play on her face -- and I was able to take two pictures before she moved. This frame was the first of the two, which I deemed slightly better because the illumination on her right eye in this one was a bit more generous than the one in the second shot. I liked the light play so much that I created a copy and converted it to grayscale (below) for dramatic effect.

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  1. A visitor here has kindly informed me that the word I was looking for when using the phrase "head gear" was "tiara." I should know better, as "tiara" is a word that comes up a lot in crossroad puzzles. I just spaced it at the time I composed the post.