Saturday, August 29, 2015

Many things 'Preston' in Cary, N.C.

My series of images taken last month in North Carolina was delayed about a week so I could shoot and process photos for the Garfield Shakespeare Company's summer production of Othello, which I presented in my previous post.

I'm back today to wrap up my North Carolina series with photos taken over a several-day period in the community of Cary, a suburb of Raleigh and neighbor to the better-known cities of Durham and Chapel Hill. Cary and the other communities comprise the Research Triangle of central North Carolina, so called because a triangle is formed when you draw lines on a map to connect those cities.

The Triangle got its name from the concentration of technology research companies and enterprises located therein, a phenomenon driven by the proximity of three major universities -- Duke, North Carolina and North Carolina State.

My photos, however, have nothing to do with the Triangle and all about the residential landscape. The area of Cary where I focused are residential communities. Many of them, and the golf course (Prestonwood Country Club) therein, carry the "Preston" name in some shape or form.

Leading off the post is the welcoming roundabout to Preston Village, located west of Davis Drive. The first series of images below are also from Preston Village, which grabbed my attention because of the gazebo, landscaping, pond, and community playground and swimming pool. Following those below are pictures from the Preston Ponds section of the Preston Neighborhood, including Preston Ponds Park, which features a pond and fountain. I traveled through this park often during my stay in July, walking a wonderful welsh-corgi owned by Lee Ann's son and daughter-in-law.

The post ends with a shot of Jordan Lake, which is west of Cary. I passed it on the return trip from Chapel Hill on July 4.

To view a full gallery of images from my shoot in Preston Ponds (including Preston Country Club), follow the link in this sentence. To see a full gallery of images from my shoot in Preston Village, follow the link in this sentence.





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