Friday, September 6, 2013

Baby steps on the little league gridiron

Every once in a while, I get to devote a post to something personal, and today's post is one of those instances.

My grandson is playing in a 5th and 6th grade football league this season, and I got a chance to see him play Wednesday in Decatur Township in southwest Indianapolis.

His Speedway Majors Division team lost, 24-0, dropping its record to 1-2 for the season, but it was a nice night to photograph. The game started at 7:15 p.m. with some very dramatic lighting giving me interesting highlights for the first quarter and a half or so. The image leading off the post is a good example of that; it features Ricky (left) playing offense, lining up on the right side of the scrimmage line. He battled the Colts' No. 17, M. Johnson, all night.

Two things stood out about the competition -- 1) The offensive line players need to be taught how not to hold! And 2) Ball carriers need to be taught to carry the ball in the arm away from the defense. I saw too many runners (and you'll see in these pictures) carrying the ball on the side closest to the defenders, inviting any one of them to swat it out of the crook of the arm.

After that first quarter and a half, lighting conditions deteriorated quickly. I started the evening shooting at 200 ISO; I finished at 4000.

These pictures are from that game. To see all the images from the shoot, visit the gallery at my site at SmugMug.

Above and below: This Colts runner, who should be carrying the ball on his left side to protect it from defenders, doesn't see the Speedway player preparing to take a swipe at the ball, only to miss. 

Above: Ricky along the sideline, stepping into the golden sunset.

Above: One of the highlights for the Speedway offense was this scamper, which is nearing its conclusion as two Colts defenders prepare to collide along the sideline.

Above and below: A highlight of the Speedway defense came on this pass from the Colts' quarterback (above) that was knocked out of the intended receiver's hands (below). 

Above: A Speedway wide receiver preparing to block on a running play. 

Above: Even though there's no action, the symmetry and lighting in this shot, with the Colts in the Speedway red zone, is near the top of my favorites for the evening.

Above and below: This Colts ball carrier to it to the house on a long run.

Above and next three below: Ricky watching action along the sidelines (above), listening to his coach (below) and getting a pep talk from a coach in the moments before the start of the second half (second below). 

Above: This two-way player for the Colts was a thorn in Speedway's side all night. 

Above: Colts defenders put a stop to this Speedway end run in the second half. 

Above and next three below: Ricky tried holding the Colts' M. Johnson (above), only to be repaid by a jersey pull on the next play (below) and an elbow in the bread basket (second below) on the play after that. Ricky returned to Plan A (third below). 

Above and below: The Speedway defense had its hands full with No. 99, although it almost jarred the ball loose on the tackle above ... and looked like it was resorting to strangulation (below)!

Above: Ricky tried a slow dance for the last series of downs; nothing else seemed to work!

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  1. What an evening!!! Honestly think I enjoy these kids' games more than any professional! We should pay them big bucks, rather than the other way around. Geez,there was definite excitement, thrill, tears, was all there. Sportsmanship too! I really like he picture of Ricky looking and listening to his coach! Why wasn't anyone else paying any attention??? Will be interesting to see how many of these young starts follow-thru with this sport...and someday we may be watching them on the Big Screen!!! Great shots! I felt as if I was there on the bleachers watching!!! (Seriously 200 to 4000??? Wow!)