Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Indy shoot, Part IV:
Former governor's residence

Fourth stop on our Oct. 13 swing through the downtown Indianapolis area was 4343 N. Meridian St., site of the Indiana Governor's Residence from 1945-73. The property is now a private residence, so Indy Meetup Photo Club member Carol Thompson asked the owners if they would mind three club members photographing the grounds, and they welcomed us.

The grounds remain attractive -- right from the initial access point, the gated driveway (pictured above), and one can understand how the property came to be the home for Indiana's elected leader. By the time we arrived here, the clouds were thickening, darkening our natural light. It would eventually rain, just as we left our last stop.

The next and final post on the day's shoot: SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral.

Above and below: Side and front views of the residence.

Above and below: Shots exploiting the grounds' wall and gates. 

Above and below: Before and after passing through the arched access to the backyard gardens.

 Above: Backyard koi pond.

Above: Garages in the back.

Above: Side view of house.

Above: Bay-window side porch.  

Above: On the opposite side of the house from the bay-window side porch, this rounded side room with mosaic windows can be found. For the Indy Meetup Photo Club's recent Windows, Gates, Doors exhibit at the Indiana Landmarks Center, I titled this photo, "Blue Eyes." 

Above: Landscaping near the circular access drive.

Above: Another side view.

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  1. Beautiful photos of a residence that has always been impressive. The koi pond photo is especially attractive.