Thursday, November 8, 2012

Game Day:
Images of the UIndy campus

One of the fun parts of my ongoing tour of Indiana small colleges on football game day is getting to see and photograph the campuses themselves. I can honestly say I haven't come across one yet where I didn't find lots to photograph, or where I didn't enjoy my experience.

Such was the case at the University of Indianapolis on Saturday, when the Greyhounds football team hosted non-conference Delta State University of Cleveland, Miss. In the hour or so before kickoff, I strolled a good portion of the campus to collect the images you see in this post. I'd been to the school before on several occasions, mostly to watch UIndy basketball, both men's and women's. I also was there in 2007 for the graduation of my youngest daughter, Elizabeth. I'd just never been there for a football game ... or to indulge my photography.

Inevitably, one interest in my game-day campus shots is tailgating, and it's done differently at UIndy, much like Taylor University last month and Hanover College and Marian University last year. At UIndy, the school sells spots in its prime parking lot -- the one abutting both Key Stadium and Nicoson Hall (the basketball arena) -- for $10 to tailgaters. On Saturday, the lot appeared to be about half full; nothing like the expanse of parking lot tailgaters I saw at Wabash College and DePauw University last year.

But UIndy plays night football games, which again differs from the other schools I've mentioned and, as far as I know, from most small colleges in Indiana. That in itself makes UIndy stand out.

Leading off the post is a floral arrangement in the median of Hanna Avenue, a Southside Indianapolis thoroughfare that dissects the campus. The city spent considerable time recently to rebuild the section of Hanna on campus, primarily to add safety features but also to add the medians and this landscaping.

For a full gallery of campus images from my visit to UIndy, visit my site at SmugMug.

Above and next two below: Views of Esch Halll, the first two the front, west view, the north view, which overlooks Smith Mall.

Above: Another view of the north side of Esch Hall, overlooking the mall.

The Smith Mall, including the reflection pool (above) and fountain (below).

 Above: Landscaping at the west end of Smith Mall. 

Above and below: Krannert Library, which overlooks Smith Mall from the west end.

Above: Schwitzer Student Center overlooks Smith Mall from the east end.

Above: The front of the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center.

Above: Inside the DeHaan Fine Arts Center.

Above: Good Hall.

Above: Ransburg Auditorum and the campus bell tower.

Above: Key Stadium, a view looking north onto the home team's side of the field.

Above and next several below: Tailgaters in the parking lot adjacent to the stadium and Nicoson Hall. The youths in the image immediately below were dancing to a lively tune pumping loudly.

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  1. Very nice! I haven't been on that campus for (we won't even say how many years) as I remember it as being called "Indiana Central College" and was one of the schools I was considering to attend myself back "when"???!!! That used to be a United Brethren college, which is what I originally was until that church merged with the Methodist in 1968 and became known as the United Methodist Church. Anyway, I didn't go there, but chose IU Bloomington instead. So, to see it a great treat! Thanks for these fine photos!!!