Monday, April 23, 2012

Wasatch Lake in Spring, Part I

This is the first of probably several posts on my recent getaway to Wasatch Lake in Owen County, Ind., a place I'd visited once previously -- in October 2010. I didn't dream I'd have the photo opportunities this time around -- in spring -- as I did in the autumn trip, where the changing colors kept me preoccupied. But I did, and then some.

I got my first sunrise photos -- two mornings' worth. On those same mornings, I also photographed the heavy mist above the lake water. There were even some combos of both spectacles. And ... bringing along a rented Sigma 50-500mm f/4.5-6/3 APO DG OS telephoto lens ... some wonderful shots of the lake's residents male swan, Sonny (his partner, Cher, spent most of the time nesting at a remote -- for camera access -- spot along the lakeshore), a few geese, a bird or two and a remarkably docile trio of ducks. The ducks actually approached me -- several times -- which told that in the months since my first visit, subsequent cabin guests had been feeding them generously, and that now this free feed had become "expected" of me now, too.

I got carried away with my shots of Sonny, taking way more than I thought I'd ever get or need. But he came so close to me, seemed not a bit afraid, that I couldn't help but take picture after picture. He was a poser -- I photographed him in all sorts of primps and contortions. I realize he was doing his best to protect Cher and keep himself between me and her, but I like to think he was giving me the pictures I wanted so Cher wouldn't have to go through it. The geese, on the other hand, were not that way at all. In fact, anytime I approached within 50 yards or so, the honking would begin, and within minutes, the group would be airborne to find another spot to loaf.

The mist and sunrise shots were memorable as well. On the second morning, the sun even make its first peak in such a way that it seems framed -- or ringed -- by the tree it was beaming through (see photo above, leading off the post). You can even detect a bit of the mist above the lake in that one.

Today's post will be devoted to the sunrise pictures. The first 10 below are from the Morning One sunrise; the remainder (including a repeat of the lead-off image) are from Morning Two. All pictures under each day's sunrise are displayed in chronological order, so you can get the feel of the progression. Note, too, the interesting change in sky color as the rise progresses. None of the coloring, incidentally, was tampered with in post-processing except for a very slight boost in saturation. The last two images under each morning were taken from near my cabin door, looking out at my pier toward the eastern horizon.

To see all my images from my three-day visit to Wasatch Lake, see my Wasatch Lake Spring 2012 gallery.



Above and below: Differently treated versions of the same image. The one above is at standard exposure, the one below, with highlights removed in post-processing to play up the solar hues.


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