Friday, April 27, 2012

Reflections on Wasatch Lake, Part V

For the first 24 hours of my recent return to Wasatch Lake in Owen County, Ind., I had the whole grounds to myself; I was the only guest.

It was a pretty overwhelming sensation to be the only human amid that ecosystem, including that first-morning sunrise. Because I had maximum access -- including perspectives from the fronts of all the other lakeside cabins, I used that first 24 hours to take the majority of my photographs.

As a bonus, none of the few other guests who came that week went out onto the water in the boats that are provided, so because there were only the fish and water fowl to disturb the lake water, I had many opportunities to compose reflection shots, which is what today's post is about. You've seen a few already in the previous posts directed at other subject matter, if you follow the blog regularly. So today's post will be on some of the others, leading off (above and first two below) with versions that struck me for their oil painting impressionism look. I'm sure it had to do mostly with the minimum stir in the water by the smooth swimming strokes of the water fowl, but partly, too, by the way and angle sunlight was striking the water at that point of day. The rest are largely traditional "mirror" reflections.

To see all my images from my three-day visit to Wasatch Lake, see my Wasatch Lake Spring 2012 gallery.


  1. What is it about water that both stirs and settles our souls?

  2. Presuming conditions are normal (no storming, although sometimes even a controlled storm can be cool), it's got to be the serenity brought on by the wave ripples and wildlife soundtrack. I felt it every evening when I'd sit out on the pier to read. Unfortunately, it can be spoiling (addictive?) ... just makes you want more!

  3. I grew up not far from Wasatch and have to agree with the spoiling (addictive).