Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Bishops play CG's Sports Cafe

As promised, today's post delivers pictures from the Indy cover band The Bishops' performance on Jan. 21 at CG's Sports Cafe in Bargersville, Ind.

Actually, the trip to CG's was primarily to take formal shots of the band -- a group shot and individual mug shots -- for the band to use on its website. But, I also wanted to experiment more than I had in the past with the video feature on my Canon 7D, so I recorded a half-dozen video clips of the band, and those are posted at my smugmug gallery.

Here are shots from the band playing CG's; leading off with my favorite of the formal group shots. Guitarist and vocalist Bryan Bishop had asked for a series of serious, smile and kooky shots. This was the jewel of the kooky shots.

To see a full gallery of stills from this show, visit this link.

Above and below: It's rare to find an angle, room and no dancers to impede a shot that includes a full band in one frame. I got not one, not two ... even three at CG's. The ones above and below were taken from normal angles on opposite sides of the stage. Above, from left, are keyboardist RJ Johnson, guitarist and vocalist Bryan Bishop, drummer John Margue, vocalist Georgette Fraction, bass player Eldon Hawkins and lead guitarist Matt Ley.

Above and below: The lead vocalists in some rare form -- Bishop wearing a cap hip-hop style in the middle of a hip-hop tune, Fraction caught in a mini-swirl, hair a-flyin'.

Above: Bishop, taking his hip-hop flavor to the people ... and on the dance floor.

Above: From down low, a third image of the full band in one frame.

Above and next few below: Individual captures of the other band members, starting with drummer Marque above, who's ready to come down hard with both sticks. One of the nice things about CG's was the lighting was ample across the stage, so when it came time for band member introductions -- and brief solos -- I could get Marque and the others without the usual lens fighting to find light and focus. 

 Above: Keyboardist RJ Johnson

Above: Bass player Eldon Hawkins

Above: Lead guitarist Matt Ley

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