Sunday, November 20, 2011

Game Day:
A much too quick look at DePauw Univ.

I learned two Saturdays ago that allowing for time -- and budgeting it -- is of the essence if you expect to accomplish your goals on a shoot.

I was happy with my game and tailgate/campus atmosphere shots when I visited DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., on Nov. 12, 2011, for the 118th meeting of DePauw and Wabash College in the Monon Bell Classic. But the tailgating photo opportunities were so rich that I spent more time on that than I had expected; I didn't have enough time left to do justice to my third goal of the shoot -- to capture the campus landscape as best as I could.

I had only a half-hour or so to grab what I could before kickoff, not nearly enough. Plus, I spent a lot of that time exploring just the Judson and Joyce Green Center for the Performing Arts, a modern structure (2007) that had me pining for more time.

Ten minutes or so before before I reached the beautiful structure (one view of the facility leads off this post; it exploits an early-afternoon backlight and was treated in high-dynamic range (HDR) software, melding three different exposures into one), I'd been chatting with a man I had met on a knoll overlooking the tailgating expanse in the parking lots outside Blackstock Stadium. He was a very nice gentleman, and I wanted to converse with him longer than the 5 or so minutes we had been chatting, but I knew my time to hit the main campus was running short. I politely told the man I needed to get some campus shots and asked him if he could recommend some points to check out, given that my time was short (which it was). And the Green Center was the first thing he mentioned. He pointed me in the direction, and I'm happy to say he did not mislead me. Thank you, mister, whoever you are!

The Green Center is home to the DePauw School of Music, DePauw Theatre and DePauw Performing Arts Series. All of my interior campus shots in this post are from that building, so maybe you can see why I was in awe. And I didn't even get into Kresge Auditorium or Thompson Recital Hall. I definitely need to make another trip.

For a look at a full gallery of my DePauw University community shots (which includes the tailgating pictures from yesterday's post), visit this link.

Above: Another view of the Green Center for the Performing Arts, this time with the sun to my right ... and including a bright scarlet-leafed tree in the composition.

Above and next six shots below: Interior shots of the Green Center. And I only scratched the surface ...

Above: A lengthy hallway in the Green Center. The gentleman walking toward me also will appear in an outside shot.

Above and below: A gathering area outside the Green Center, with a detail shot (below) of a bench situated against the brick wall you see on the far right in the above photo, although the bench is just out of view in the above photo. 

Above: The glass facade of Lily Education and Recreation Center, reflecting the facade of its cross-sidewalk neighbor structure, the Percy L. Julian Science and Mathematics Center. 

Above and next two below: Several more views of the Julian Mathematics and Science Center, the one above being the exact side reflected in the picture immediately above. 

Above: Pedestrian traffic on the walk separating the Lily and Julian centers, looking west from the entrance of the Green Center. The gentleman in the white sweatshirt is the man you saw above in one of the Green Center hallway shots. 

Above and next seven shots: These were taken in the mall area north of the Green Center. Some were taken within the mall; others were taken from just outside the elevated Green Center entrance.

Above: The east facade of the L-shaped James A. Hollensteiner Indoor Track, immediately west of Blackstock Stadium.

Above and below: These are shots of the access to the DePauw University Nature Park, which is on the far west end of campus, not far from Blackstock Stadium. The above is a tight shot, the one below of long range.

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