Sunday, August 21, 2011

Indy's Old Northside neighborhood:
a treasure reflected in photographs

Since May, members of the Indy Meetup Photo Club have been photographing various aspects of the Old Northside neighborhood of Indianapolis, one of the first "suburbs" of the city that is now an integral, and fabulously revitalized part of the inner city.

The project culminated Sunday with a display of approximately 200 of our club member photographs at the Propylaeum (above) and its Carriage House. Together, they form a stately complex that now serves as home for a women's club at 1410 N. Delaware St. 

The Propylaeum and IMUPC formed a partnership that embraced Aug. 21 as a fundraising open house for the Propylaeum. We had two streams of decent traffic Sunday. One early, another late. It was a fitting afternoon to show off the work invested in composing our works, and I saw some splendid results among the submissions of my fellow club members.

In this post, I offer a sample of my images; almost all of these were captured in three bracketed exposures to later meld into one using high-dynamic range (HDR) software. To view a gallery with an extensive number of shots from my full catalog of Old Northside photographs, visit this link.

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