Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hendricks County visit, Part IV

The June 25 Park2Park Relay in Hendricks County, Ind. -- which boasts the growing communities of Plainfield, Brownsburg and Avon -- will cover 60 miles, starting in the northwest corner of the county and ending in the southeast corner, and yet the teams of runners will run through the heart of downtown of only one community in the county -- tiny North Salem, in the early part of the race.

North Salem is northeast of McCloud Nature Park, the start point of the inaugural race, which will pit teams of six people -- each taking turns running 3- to 4-mile segments -- in a novel competition to see who gets to the finish line first. Highway 236 is Main Street in North Salem, whose downtown welcomes visitors with colorful red and blue banners on light poles along the curbs. The merchants district on the main thoroughfare includes a town hall, antiques and thrift shops, a post office, a Marathon gas station and the Red Dog Steakhouse and Saloon (above), whose bright red awnings make it stand out.

Just east of the town is Fairview Cemetery, where I also stopped to capture images when I saw Old Glory standing imposingly in the middle of the grounds. I instinctively thought to use it for the subject of several shots, but I couldn't help but find other angles to pursue -- including the town water tower, which can be seen not only from the cemetery, but from downtown. The most poignant, however, was of the gravestone of infant daughter of R.F. and E.C. Hicks, which I came across on my stroll out. To the right of hers were those of her parents, father Robert immediately next to hers, then that of mother Ella. 

These images are from North Salem.





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