Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Palladium pictures, Part II

Today's post is devoted to looks at areas of the Palladium concert hall in Carmel, Ind., outside the main performance hall itself -- the vestibules, halls, rotunda and other gathering areas. Note the marbled floors, elegant stairways and array of colors, patterns, lines and shapes, beginning with the shot leading off the post -- note the lines, colors, shapes, patterns, all packaged into this slightly different perspective.

That's what I was pursuing in these shots, taken Sunday with other members of the Indy Meetup Photo Club, beginning with the "different" perspective shot leading off the post. This, actually, was an accidental shot. My camera had unexpectedly made a left downward swing on the tripod as I was trying to adjust it for a traditional shot of the stairway, and when the camera ended its unaided tilt, it gave me this "look." I was using the 7D's live view feature at that point of my shoot, so I got an instant glimpse at the wall pattern, almost straight on, but it threw the stairway and other things on the right side out of alignment. I liked it immediately.

Most of the shots below need no real explanation; I'll add some where I think it might be helpful. 

Above: This shot in the east rotunda I first captured with the dome squarely in center, and it's a nice shot. Immediately afterward, I noticed the column on the right and did a second shot pushing the dome to the left.
Above and below: This reflective feature rotates its promotions of various upcoming performances. The one above was promoting the June 17 Clint Black show, which is part of the Palladium's country-western series; the one below promotes the "Celebrating Miles" show, a tribute to jazz trumpet great Miles Davis for the jazz series, a show that actually was held the previous night (April 30). Interesting that they would use an illustration of a guitarist for a Miles tribute, no? Sure, there's electric guitar in jazz, but again, Miles was a trumpet player ...

Above and next three below: These are all from the east rotunda. 

Above: The Basile cafe and gift shop off the east rotunda. It was named for Indianapolis philanthropists Frank and Katrina Basile. I liked the range of color, the exit door contrast, and the door window's bright reflective glare on the marble floor.

Above: Simplicity in a glimpse of a table, mirror, a real light (above table), reflected light (in mirror) and a reflection on the shiny table top.

Above: This shot had little to do with the Palladium, but when I noticed how all the elements fell together, I had to grab it. The arched shaped on the left is the dangling camera strap I was trying to steer out of the way, and I believe that is the strap's shadow winding out of the bottom of the picture just to the strap's right. The shadow of the square element in the center of the arched strap belongs to the camera housing on the tripod (the housing would be just out of the picture on the right). You also see two sets of legs here -- the tripod's and mine, with a bonus shadow of one of the tripod legs. The shadow coming off my right pant leg is from the shutter-release cable I have attached to the camera.

Above: To grab this, I was lying supine on the ground and used the live view function of the camera to compose. 

Above and next two below: Carol Baker of the COTPA staff, who greeted and welcomed our group when we arrived, encouraged us to explore the restrooms because of the tiling, and this is why -- the keyboard (ceiling) and treble clefs (floor) illustrations. The third shot is nothing about tiling; it's just about the nifty marbletop counters and shiny silver plumbing hardware. Oh wait, I spoke too soon! Look closely on the counter top and counter side panels, and what do you see? By gosh, it's the reflections of both the keyboards and the treble clefs!


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