Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hanover prevails in HCAC game over Rose-Hulman Institute

The Hanover (Ind.) College men's basketball team defeated Rose-Hulman Institute 69-66 in a tightly contested game last Wednesday to cling to a tie for first place in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference. Unfortunately, the Panthers tripped in their final league game Saturday, a 72-63 setback at Anderson, while Manchester defeated Transylvania to claim the crown and earn the right to host the postseason tournament.

Wednesday's win did enable Hanover (18-6, 14-4 HCAC) to avenge a 66-64 loss to Rose-Hulman (16-9, 10-8) in Terre Haute on Jan. 19.

The images you see here, including the above battle for a second-half rebound among Hanover's Jacob Rieger (white jersey) and Rose-Hulman's Julian Strickland (left) and Brenton Balsbaugh, are from Wednesday's game at Hanover's Horner Health and Recreation Center. To peruse a full gallery of photos from the game, follow this link.

Above: Grant Pangallo of Hanover spies a path of open space in the lane, but it turned out to be fleeting. A few moments later, once the opening had dissipated, he launched a drive to the basket using a circuitous route to his right.

Above: Hanover's Mike Case (40) gets to the ball first on this offensive rebound in the first half.

Case (40) plays observer to teammates Brian Gunter (45) and Drake Hendricks (12), who contest Rose-Hulman's Austin Weatherford for a rebound in the first half.

Above and below: Drake Hendricks slices through Rose-Hulman defenders Jordy Martin (25) and Brenton Balsbaugh during a drive through the lane. Martin's hand offered a momentary obstacle; Hendricks made it through to put up the layup.

Above: Mike Case (40) ponders the best way to get off a shot around Rose-Hulman's Spencer Harlan.

Above: Wednesday was senior night at Hanover, and Mitchell Meyer (42), the only senior on the Panthers' 2010-11 squad, tried to make it a memorable occasion. Here he tried to get past the Engineers' Jon Gerken.

Above: The Engineers' James Pillischafske was helped off the court after a tumble under the basket on the defensive end in the first half.

Above: Hanover sophomore Ryan Nowicki fights through Spencer Harlan's foul to get up a layup. Nowicki went to the foul line afterward.

Above: Rose-Hulman's Nate Gissentanner gets off a jump shot over Hanover's Jacob Rieger. Hanover students in the background are dressed -- or painted -- in white in response to the school's campaign for fans to demonstrate a "whiteout" for the game.

Above and below: Hanover guard Grant Pangallo on two of several drives to the basket. The one above is in the first half, the one below in the second.

Above: Slightly off balance, the Panthers' Drake Hendricks gets off a jump shot over Rose-Hulman's Julian Strickland.

Above: Hanover defender Grant Pangallo had Rose-Hulman's Austin Weatherford tied up at the top of the key in the second half, but not long enough for the referees to whistle a jump ball situation. Weatherford broke free, put some space between himself and Pangallo, and put up the jump shot below.

Above: Rose-Hulman's Austin Weatherford contests Hanover's Mitchell Meyer (42) and Mike Case for possession of this second-half rebound.


  1. Great pictures. Action pictures are some of my favorites.

  2. Thanks, Melissa, and welcome. I'm intrigued with the gnome concept you're developing. I dropped in at Gnomageddon quickly and enjoyed some of the visuals you created. It'll be fun to see where you take that in the future.