Monday, December 13, 2010

Baby, the snow must fall

I don't know why the 1965 song "Baby, the Rain Must Fall" by Glenn Yarbrough occurred to me as I started to come up with a headline for this post, but it did. I liked the paraphrase, so ... that's the simple explanation for the headline.

The portion of last weekend's not-yet-winter snow storm that came through Central Indiana was nothing like what hit Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and northern Indiana. But ... it was enough to close schools and slow morning commuter traffic in Indy on Monday. 

It also was visually striking enough to get out and grab some pictures while I could withstand the cold; the storm was accompanied by some strong winds that drove down the wind chill factor considerably. I was out in nearby Garfield Park from about 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Snow was falling, but it was still about an hour or so before the heaviest dosage, which lasted an hour or two. I kept my gear covered in the camera bag anytime I wasn't using it, and even though I wore gloves with small finger-tip holes for access to the camera buttons, my hands started screaming "Call it a day" after about an hour outside. I listened. 

The images you see here are some of the things I captured in that hour's period; you'll hopefully be able to detect falling flakes in some of these, as even though the heaviest snowfall hadn't started yet, there were a good amount of descending flakes out there. 

The images include a shot through the pagoda spiral staircase looking out onto the playground (lead photo at top of post); a couple of bench shots; the Garfield Park Arts Center, framed by the ornamental fencing in the pagoda (you see the monochrome version); frozen lunch meat that somebody left behind who-knows-when on a table in the pagoda; a furry critter who seemed too hungry to stop eating and scurry away as I approached, so ... I had plenty of time to pull out the camera and get off a couple of shots; an outdoors Santa that lights up at night in the nearby neighborhood; and a vista of the pedestrian roundabout at the south end of the park.

I figure it's an appropriate way to mark the second anniversary of Photo Potpourri, which launched two years ago this month.

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