Sunday, November 14, 2010

A few more ... from 15 miles out

I decided to post a few more frames from the "15 Miles Out" shoot, one to assure those of you bothered by the basketball hoop composition in the previous post. I actually did grab a shot or two (included in this post) with the composition set up as one might primarily expect. And yeah, even with my contrarian mood, it still gnawed at me a little that I didn't go ahead and just use that one with the original post, so ... I'm making up for that here. But rather than simply swap it out as an edit to the previous post, I'll include the "properly aligned" one here and let the viewers judge.

Also in this post are another shot of a jet stream as it appears to make contact with the church tower. Again ... a mere juxtaposition. Not to worry; no 9/11 disaster intended or suggested.

And, a color shot of the neat glow (from backlight) behind the Pleasant Valley Church steeple (the lead image above), and a black-and-white conversion of the solitary, leafless tree (can the color version be far behind?). I had provided versions of each of these images treated with an antique filter in the previous post.

Finally, I'm also including a frame featuring a fortuitous natural sun spotlight on harvest foliage from the field near the church. I did no playing with this in post-processing; this is exactly how the light fell on the subject.

Above: The juxtaposition of jet stream and church steeple. The jet was miles and miles away. 

Above: The sun-spotlighted harvest foliage.

Above: A black-and-white monochrome of the leafless tree.

Above: The basketball hoop and Pleasant Valley Church sign, "properly" aligned.

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