Thursday, November 26, 2009

Portraiture ... Engagement

It's good to have family who are willing to pose for the camera so you can log some inexpensive, but valuable, experience chasing the kinds of photography you want to improve.

Portraiture is one of those areas for me.

My daughter is engaged; her wedding will be in spring. She and David honored me by asking me to take some photographs of them to serve as a sort of engagement shoot. For the longest time, we couldn't find a day and time where the three of us could make this happen. Finally, we found a small window of opportunity -- an hour or so -- three Fridays ago in the late afternoon, about an hour before dark settled in.

I'd have liked to have had more time, and Elizabeth knew I was a tad uneasy. But ... she trusted me to get this done, and she wanted to get something done soon. Afterward, we informally agreed to try and find another time to do more when we weren't so rushed.

These images are from that shoot.

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