Thursday, August 6, 2009

Digital or film photography?
Here's a man who loves both

Since the start of photography's digital era, photographers have debated the merits of the genre's film and digital forms. Some photographers see no use for film any longer, others are die-hard filmers, and there is a third group that enjoys dabbling in both.

I just came from reading a very enjoyable essay, titled "The Perfect Storm," by a professional photographer who is in that third group, a man I met 35 years ago in Columbus, Wis., where I worked as editor of the weekly newspaper. The essay author, Paul Gero, was then a freshman in high school, and he came to see me about getting some of his pictures published in the newspaper.

Gero has since gone on to a stellar career in professional photography. For many years he worked for newspapers in Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Phoenix, and most recently, for several years now, he has operated his own wedding photography business in Southern California.

Below are links to "The Perfect Storm" essay. The first link takes you to its posting at his blog; the second goes to ProPhoto Resources, a Web site where the piece first appeared.

Paul's blog posting

ProPhoto Resources article

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