Monday, June 29, 2009

CaptureIndy flushing photographers
out of the proverbial woodwork

It's close to the midway point in a campaign, called CaptureIndy, in which a publisher is collecting photographs from area photographers that reflect life and landmarks in the Greater Indianapolis Area. The images are to be included in a book and DVD.

CaptureIndy is not offering any compensation to photographers for their submissions, regardless of whether the images are published, but it is guaranteeing the shooters will retain all rights and ownership claims to the images.

Anyone -- even those who don't submit photos -- can vote (an indication of your approval or disapproval) for all the pictures submitted simply by creating a free account with minimal information at The rules sort of indicate that the votes won't hold full sway on which images are selected for the book/DVD, but I guess the project administrators feel voting is a way to A) steer them to the most popular images; 2) help them draw attention to the book/DVD and, probably, 3) drum up some sales. CaptureIndy is already accepting orders for the book, which retails for $30 (photo submitters get $5 discounts) until a certain cutoff date, after which the price goes up another $10.

I've submitted quite a few of my images to the campaign. I feel it's a way to get some exposure (excuse the pun) while getting to see the fine work of other area photographers. And of the latter, I have not been disappointed. I've already made contact with a few photographers whose work I've enjoyed seeing at the CaptureIndy site. Some of them have agreed to be profiled here as a future "Photographer in the Spotlight" subject, as I make an attempt to bring some deserving attention to the photographic skills in Indianapolis.

I am going to try and get the first area photographer lined up for the July "spotlight" feature, assuming everything falls together in time. But even if not, it's still exciting knowing there is abundant talent to appreciate in these parts.

Meanwhile ... if you haven't done so already ... please drop by and check it out. Look up my submissions while you're there. If you have time, make your way through the various "chapters" (categories), which are "Scapes of all Sorts," "Everyday Life," "Friendly Faces," "Sports and Recreation," "Landmarks," "Arts and Culture," "Pets," and "Newsworthy" -- and if you have the time, go through the images one by one. Cast votes, if you feel so compelled.

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