Monday, February 27, 2017

Bean Creek shoreline landscaping
is now complete in Garfield Park

For several months this fall and early winter in Indy's Garfield Park, parts of the pedestrian path that goes between the basketball court outside Burrello  Family Center and the bridge spanning Bean Creek near the north playground had been fenced off to keep people away from work crews in the creek.

The area is the part of Bean Creek just southeast of its confluence with Pleasant Run near the intersection of Pleasant Run Parkway, North Drive, and Pagoda Drive.

Landscaping was being done to provide better flow of creek waters, but also to protect the shoreline and prevent further erosion, which had become a concern.

While strolling through the park around 6 p.m. Jan. 31, I came upon the scene where the area had been fenced off with temporary barriers. But on this night, the barriers were gone, new wooden fencing had gone up along the paved walkway up to the pedestrian bridge, and I could now see the finished product. It included apparently grass-seeded banks on both sides of the creek as well as hay and netting to protect the seed.

Below are different views of the scene I photographed using my iPhone 6s Plus. I was impressed with the quality of the images on the iPhone, given the time of day and darkness, which is another reason I decided to present these photos here.

As usual, to view a larger and sharper version of an image, simply click on the image. This is particularly important if you access the blog from a mobile device.

Above and below: Looking southeast from the Pagoda Drive bridge. 

Above: Looking at the Burrello Family Center while nearing the "V" junction of the pedestrian path near Pagoda Drive.

Above: The wooden fencing along the path. 

Above: A closeup of the rocks used used to help funnel the stream but also to better protect the shoreline.

 Above and next two below: More views of the creek from the pedestrian path. 

Above: The turn onto the wheelchair ramp leading toward the pedestrian bridge.  

Above: A view from the pedestrian bridge over Bean Creek, looking west toward the Pagoda Drive bridge motor vehicle just south of Pleasant Run Parkway, North Drive, near the creek's confluence with Pleasant Run.

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