Saturday, September 10, 2016

GPAC exhibit hails theater company's designers, costumers, scenery planners

Among the many behind-the-scenes tasks that must be performed before a theatrical performance can be pulled off are the design, development and creation of the costumes, stage and props. It's a thankless task that an audience appreciates only from their view of the final product on show nights.

I've come to better appreciate these in the couple dozen community theater productions I've photographed the past six years. And now the Garfield Park Arts Center in Indianapolis is giving people a chance to better appreciate such work, too, with an exhibit that opened Sept. 3 in its main gallery,

"From the Stage to the Park: Costumes, Props & More" is a look at the art of theatrical design from the Indiana Repertory Theatre, which provided costumes, early design sketches and photographs from 11 of its productions since 2011 for the exhibit.

Photos you see in this post are from a display for one of the shows, "Fallen Angels." Leading off the post is a production photo taken during the show, which had its IRT run in spring 2012. Below, you see the full display for this play. Components of the "Fallen Angels" display are the photo above, the costume worn by Cristina Panfilio in the role of Julia, a closeup of the dress Panfilio wore during the dhow, a dress sketch and a diagram used in the play's development.

Each display for the 11 shows also includes a list of production credits (left) of people responsible for key elements in the GPAC exhibit. In the case of "Fallen Angels," Bill Brown was the play's director; Kevin Depinet, scenic designer; Rachel Healey, costume designer; Jesse Klug, lighting designer; and Andrew Hanson, sound designer. In the background of the photo is actor Steve Haggard in the role of  Fred.

Other plays represented in similar displays are "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (2013), "On Golden Pond" (2013), "April 4, 1968: Before We Forgot How to Dream" (2015), "The God of Carnage" (2012), "Mousetrap" (2016), Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2012), "I Love to Eat" (2011), "The Game's Afoot" (2014), "A Little Night Music" (2013) and "The Crucible" (2013).

The exhibit runs through Sept. 24, and there is no admission charge to view it. GPAC's hours are different almost every day (it is closed on Sundays and Mondays), so call the center beforehand (317 370-7135) to make sure it's open before you go.  GPAC is at 2432 Conservatory Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46203.

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