Thursday, August 20, 2015

Intracoastal waterway, Wrightsville Beach

This third post from my visit to the Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach area of North Carolina last month focuses on the shoot around the intracoastal waterway along Airlie Avenue.

I happened to be on Airlie on July 7 because I had lunch that day at the Fish House Grill, 1410 Airlie Ave., which overlooks the waterway. I enjoyed one of the best fish and chips meal that I've had in a long time. I'm not sure what factors weighed into the decision to dine there; two nearby options, I've been told, would have been good ones as well -- the Dockside and Bridge Tender restaurants.

There were an array of boats moored in slips along this section of the waterway, as evidenced by the photo leading off the post, which I believe is part of the Bridge Tender Marina. That's the Fish House Grill in the background; there'll be a few more photos of the restaurant below.

While dining, a gull or two perched themselves on a couple of wooden posts near the shoreline, so I spent a few moments capturing pictures of them while waiting for food to arrive. The U.S. 74 bridge over the waterway even opened up to allow a vessel to pass through while I was dining. You can see it opened in the background of one of the gull photos.

For a full look at the waterway shoot, visit my site at SmugMug.

Above and next two below: Different views of the Bridge Tender restaurant, which partners with the Bridge Tender Marina nearby.

Above and below: The U.S. 74 drawbridge over the waterway, one full view shot, and another of some boats approaching to pass under it.  

Above and next two below: Shots of the Fish House Grill. An exterior shot (above) and two pictures (below) taken from my table.

Above and below: One of the gull visitors; both photos were taken from my table while waiting for the meal to arrive.

Above and below: Two more drawbridge shots, one featuring a runner passing on the sidewalk above, the other with a few more crafts passing underneath it on the waterway.

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