Monday, May 11, 2015

A visit to the Fashion Mall at Keystone

Photography in recent months, for me, has taken a back seat to a bevy of long-delayed home projects, ranging from basement waterproofing to wall painting, from installing a new kitchen floor, to replacing the complete interior floor carpeting, from getting roof and gutters replaced to installing a privacy fence and new furnace. Anyone who has gone through a substantial amount of moving of furniture and other personal belongings from multiple rooms to others -- and then back -- undoubtedly can relate.

When the picture-taking bug has hit me, I've turned to the convenience and simplicity of the iPhone. I don't always get the quality of images I'd enjoyed with my DSLR camera bodies, but the iPhone does OK -- except when I want to zoom in close. The camera shakes more than one would like, and it's nearly impossible to get a sharp image indoors at full zoom.

That was exactly my experience Sunday, when I had an occasion to visit the Fashion Mall at Keystone on the Northside of Indianapolis. It was only my second visit inside the mall ever -- the first was a very brief one in the early 1980s, and I've largely forgotten it. I'd gotten one look at the prices of merchandise (think very high), and it was all I needed to know that I was not in the right place for my income.

I did return to the mall a few times in the 1990s, but only to attend a handful of shows at the Crackers comedy club when it was located there (it has since moved out), and the short-lived Barrelhouse Blues Supper Club (I'm wondering if there are many folks who even remember the latter; if it lasted more than a year, I would be surprised).

I used my iPhone to take the pictures you see in this post. Some turned out pretty well; others, not so much. But ... they are pictures -- and I can describe them simply as random (no special theme selected) -- so here we go.

Above and below: Inside Nordstrom.

Above: Inside M.G. Tates.

Above: One of the close zooms -- and lack of sharpness.

Above and the remainder below: Inside the Pottery Barn.

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