Friday, August 22, 2014

Trip to North Carolina, Part V:
Atlantic Beach, daytime

The "daytime" portion of the Atlantic Beach posts mostly is about a dissection of the shot you see leading off this post, a frame taken with the iPhone outside of the Crab Shack in Salter Path, N.C., about six miles west of Atlantic Beach. The monochrome version is the first photo below the text, with a slight crop on the left to remove the matter in the upper left corner.

Even though I ventured out twice for sunset shots while in Atlantic Beach, these shots at the Crab Shack were taken a few hours before sunset, so I am leaving them out of the next post, which will be devoted to the sunset shoots.

The restaurant faces Bogue Sound on the north side of the island, and while waiting to be seated for dinner that evening, I had a chance to capture these near-sunset shots. The one above, in particular, intrigued me, and I ended up cropping it several ways ... and also converting the shots into monochrome, which I liked a lot.

Above and below: One crop of the photo was to better position the bird atop the pole as the focal point. 

Above and below: This crop simply removed some possible clutter on the left and right sides of the image to allow for a (hopefully) more dramatic image than the original.

Above and below: The monochrome versions of these two shots looking out at Bogue Sound, I felt, were so superior to the "color" versions, that I decided not to even present the color shots.

Above: A bird resting on a pole on the street where the house I stayed in was located.

Above and below: I got hooked into trying to get photos with gulls in the landscape. The ranged from the one above with a solitary gull, to the one below with a bunch of them circling above and even more on the sand. The food the couple was feeding the ones in the sand had caught the attention of those still in the air.

Above: A fishing boat got close enough to shore for me to get it in reasonably good size and sharpness with the zoom lens.

Above: Another high-dynamic range landscape juxtaposing the shoreside grass against the ocean blue.

Above: I took this shot because it was an example of an apparent tourist indulging in a trendy past time -- the selfie. This and all of the remaining photos in this post were taken in the evening, with very low light. I had to use a high ISO, so I pushed these images through a noise-reduction filter.

Above and next two below: These shots of the beach and the beach along it were taken at sunset, but I'm not going to use them in the next post. 

Above: I tried several times to get a sharp image of this ship at sea, which lurked on the horizon the whole time I was in Atlantic Beach. I lucked out, finally, with this -- with a seagull bonus in the bottom.

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