Saturday, March 22, 2014

The capitol's stately architecture ...
and more from the government complex

Today's post is another of those I've had quite a bit of the past year or so -- a "catch-up" shoot.

I recently had occasion to spend a lot of time at the downtown Indiana state government complex, which consists of the statehouse (capitol), two government centers (north and south) and an intricate tunnel system that connects them all -- and leads to the nearby Circle Centre mall.

During this period, I'd hoped to use an off day or extended down time to bring my main cameras to the statehouse -- which has some beautiful architecture and interior decor -- and grab some quality shots. It never happened. I did manage, however, to grab some photos with my iPhone. Probably my favorite is the one leading off the post, taken on the top floor of the capitol. I enjoyed the patterns and leading lines, and the cool atrium squares.

I also took shots of the downtown canal from the window of the Indiana Government-North cafeteria windows (which overlook the canal); of some of the exterior architecture from the few windows that appear in the tunnel system; and of an intriguing building -- relatively new -- erected at the convergence of Delaware and New York streets and Massachusetts Avenue.

Again, all of these were taken with the iPhone. In several cases, I felt the vistas were worth photographing in both horizontal and vertical orientations. For example, the vertical counterpart to the photo leading off the post is the first image you see below. I did that elsewhere in the pictures below. And in one case, the vista looking out onto the canal from the cafeteria window, I offer shots taken on different days -- but with different sky conditions (explained more in the caption). Hope you enjoy it.

Above: On the day I did the shoot in the statehouse, there were rallies outside the Senate chamber by people on both sides of the controversial HJR-3 legislation. 

Above and below: Taken through a rare window in the tunnel system that connects the state government building complex.

Above and below: Shots from the Indiana Government Center-North cafeteria window overlooking the Downtown Canal. These were taken on separate days ... and not too far apart, time-wise. The difference you see in lighting? The image above was taken on a day with heavy clouds; the one below, bright sunshine. The view looks west, and the very tall IGC-North building's shadow blocked sun from an expansive portion of the canal at that hour. Both of these images were taken before we turned our clocks ahead for Daylight Saving Time. And yes, the ducks gather in the same place like this like clockwork every day. 

Above and below: Traffic bottled up often along New York Street on my rush-hour trips home. While stopped there on separate nights, and with separate weather, I photographed these views through the front windshield. There is the backed up traffic on a sunny day (above), when road construction crews two blocks down was responsible for the backup, and (below) vehicles slowed by one of the several snowfalls we've experienced this winter. The building that dominates both frames, a relatively new addition to the skyline at New York's juncture with Delaware Street and Mass Ave, is what one acquaintance refers to as "the cruise ship."

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