Monday, January 7, 2013

The grace of a snowfall ...

The Dec. 28-29 beautiful snowfall in Central Indiana is well behind us, I know. I debated whether I should try to play "catch up" and post images from my shoot that Saturday-morning-afterward in Garfield Park and the surrounding neighborhood, Garfield Park-South, since so much time has elapsed.

In my defense, it took forever to process all 400+ images, and I found myself in a position I hadn't been in many times previously: Very few photos from the shoot were not worth keeping, at least in my humble opinion. So what was a photographer to do?

I present some of those today, and unlike I have done in previous shoots, I won't try to prolong the suspense by sprinkling images in posts over several days. I'll force myself to pick a bunch, then move on.

All of these were shot using multiple frames for processing afterward in high-dynamic range (HDR) software. That's why, in pictures involving people, there is some blur where the people are positioned in the photo. For example, the pedestrian's legs and the snow-shoveler's body in the first two images below, and the runner's legs in the very last image.

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