Monday, December 31, 2012

Last look at Dec. 21 shoot in Garfield Park

I know I promised a finale post from my Dec. 21 shoot, but a funny thing happened between the most recent post and today: another snowfall in Central Indiana. And this one was one of those rarities -- the kind where the snow sticks to buildings and tree trunks and branches.

Soooo ... I was out again in Garfield Park on Dec. 29, grabbing even more shots than I had taken just eight days earlier.

I found myself returning to some of the same shots I had taken on the 21st, revisiting shots I'd taken on previous winter scene excursions ... and also making a point to find new compositions. Like I said, I got a bucketload of shots.

But I promised to post a final look at my shots from the Dec. 21, so ... I'll keep my word, toasting the old year with a scaled-back volume of images since I'll be doing posts of the Dec. 29 shoot sometime after the New Year. Leading off the post is a shot of the park's largest shelter, slightly frosted by the previous day's snowfall. The shelter, which is just east of the Garfield Park Arts Center, stands on the site that was home to the park's first municipal pool. The current aquatics center, which opened in tandem with the Burrello Family Center in 1998, is now about 200 yards north of the arts center off Pagoda Drive.

To view a full gallery of shots from the Dec. 21 shoot in Garfield Park, visit my site at SmugMug.

Above: A trio of small boulders lining the path between the Garfield Park Arts Center and the MacAllister Center for the Performing Arts.

Above: The Garfield Park Arts Center, one of several angles I captured on Dec. 21. I went after several others, some new, some reprised, in the Dec. 29 shoot.

Above and below: The MacAllister Center for the Performing Arts (above) and a closeup of the amphitheater's interesting wooden loading access door.

Above: As I joked when I posted a copy of this picture on my Facebook wall, this photo looks close to like I remember Garfield Shakespeare Company performers and spectators felt on several cold September nights of the fall presentation of A Midsummer Night's Dream in this venue.

Above and below: Playground equipment and shelters at the park's north end, along Conservatory Drive.

Above and next two below: Streams are a key element to Garfield Park. These three are shots of Bean Creek, taken at various points along its course in the park. The first below was taken from the bridge just east of the arts center parking lot off Conservatory Drive.

Above: A monochrome conversion of a view of the conservatory and Sunken Garden, framed by the conifers growing along the garden's west perimeter. 

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