Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Indy shoot, Part V:
SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral

The final stop on the Oct. 13 Indy shoot tour was SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral, 1347 N. Meridian St., the seat of the Indianapolis Catholic Archdiocese, which has its offices only a half-block north of -- and across the street from -- the church at 1400 N. Meridian St.

It was only one of the three churches we photographed that day where we had access to the choir level to take pictures overlooking the sanctuary, such as the one leading off the post. It also was the only church to which we had access to a smaller chapel within the building.

The church interior has a distinct, red and rust-colored decor. Also, the furnishings are modern (no bench pews; strictly single seats, but they're slightly cushioned), and the statues reflect the church's diverse cultural appeal.

For the primary exterior shot, I went to process the image through distortion correction software, but didn't like what that was offering me. So I backed out of it without changes then made a slight line-angle straightening, which proved far less destructive to the composition's original content.

No sooner had I taken the last of the exterior pictures you see on this post -- which, indeed, were composed after the interior shots -- when it started to rain; the timing couldn't have been any better.

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