Friday, November 30, 2012

Indy shoot, Part III: Governor's Residence

Stop No. 3 on the Oct. 13 Indy shoot was the Governor's Residence for the state of Indiana, which is at 4750 N. Meridian St. The state acquired the 6.5-acre home and grounds in 1973, and after extensive renovations, has been the sixth official governor's home ever since.

The Indy Meetup Photo Club group I was with did not seek to shoot indoors (I found out after our visit that the first floor of the home is open to the public, but I didn't know that beforehand), but we were welcome to shoot the exterior. This was my first time ever on the grounds.

I found out only a day or two before the shoot that the previous Governor's Residence, used from 1945-73, was only four blocks south of, and on the opposite side of the street from, this site. Now a private residence, it would be our next stop on the itinerary.

Rather than spend a lot more space blabbering, as I did for the first two installments in this series, I'm going to proceed directly to pictures, leading off with a color-splashed autumnal vista in a multifaceted back yard. I'll stick with backside images before transitioning to the front shots. I don't know a lot of background or history about the landscapes or items you see in the landscapes, as we had no grounds person to walk us through with its history. If I did, I'd offer some explanation in the captions.

Next stop on the shoot: Private home at 4343 N. Meridian St. that served as the Governor's Residence from 1945-73.

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