Friday, June 15, 2012

It was a beautiful day
for Talbot Street Art Fair

It was in 1992, I believe, when I attended my first Penrod Arts Fair in Indianapolis. The annual Penrod is an impressive display of a wide range of vendor arts, crafts, music and food sprawled across the scenic grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art every second Saturday of September. It is one of what I consider the Big Three of arts and crafts fairs in Indianapolis, and I've been back to Penrod at least a half-dozen times or more since. The two others I place in the Big Three are the Broad Ripple Art Fair and the Talbot Street Art Fair, neither of which I'd been to until last weekend, when I made it to the latter.

The Talbot fair runs for two days, a Saturday and Sunday, from 16th to 20th streets along a narrow thoroughfare in the Herron-Morton Place historic neighborhood. Some of the vendor booths spread down the short crosshairs intersections between Pennsylvania and Delaware streets, and in recent years, there also has been some spillover onto 16th and the portion of Delaware where it intersects with 16th.

It was at that intersection, the southwest corner to be specific, in the assembly hall of the Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Christian Church, where members of the Indy Meetup Photo Club set up our photographs for display and sale on the Saturday of the Talbot fair.

Sharing space with us in the hall were operators of Brother Juniper's sandwich shop, a two-store eatery that operated in the downtown and near-downtown area of Indianapolis for about 30 years before closing shortly after the new millennium. Juniper's returns to sell its sandwiches on special occasions twice a year -- for the Talbot and Penrod fairs.

Today's post features a few pictures from our club's display and of Brother Juniper's inside the church hall, but first, some shots I took among the vendors at the fair on Talbot Street.


  1. Nice capture of the fair. Glad to see these as I didn't make it down the street at all. I've had so many people inquire about Brother Juniper's. They must have left a huge impression when they had a restaurant previously. The lady in the bakery in the red sweater is Father Michael's wife. I think her name is Rebecca. Thanks for sharing these!!!

  2. Wonderful photos, thanks so much for sharing!

    Many many moons ago I attended the Herron School of Art and haven't made it back to the fair since that time....if Brother Juniper's is there I definitely have to attend next year.