Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wasatch Lake: You've already seen
the pictures, now here's the video

Just when I thought I'd wrapped up my recent trip to Wasatch Lake, I remembered that I shot some full HD video on my Canon 7D while there, which will add a soundtrack dimension to the images you've already seen.

I've uploaded the two clips to my video gallery at SmugMug. Both are panoramic shots of the lake, taken in the pre-sunrise moments of Tuesday and Wednesday, April 17 and 18.

The clip from April 17 goes about 300 degrees. Although I shot this on a tripod, the pan is not the steadiest. The clip begins at the owner's Lake House cabin, west of and adjacent to the one I stayed in, then sweeps across the central and east portions of the lake, giving you a look at the lake's undeveloped northside, an extension of the Owen-Putnam State Forest. You'll be able to see the spot where the sun was to come up about 5 minutes after the video was taken. You'll also get to experience the mist over the lake and the sounds of the early morning -- the birds tweeting and, at the 1 minute, 25-second point, the geese honking. At the very end, as the focus turns to the south side of the lake, you'll also see the pier in front of the cabin I stayed in. I shot this video from a spot just left of the pier.

The clip from April 18, taken from the end of my cabin's pier, is a full 360-degree pan, starting from the same spot, but going full circle. You'll get to see my cabin near the end.

Because of the high-quality video, it would be wise ... after clicking the start button for either video ... to immediately pause it and wait for the buffer to build far enough (I'd suggest waiting at least a minute and a half) so the viewing can be smooth once it does start rolling. If you don't, the clip will be jarring from start to finish.

To see all my still images from my three-day visit to Wasatch Lake, see my Wasatch Lake Spring 2012 gallery.


  1. So glad you added these! I absolutely loved seeing the mist dance around on the lake... And, the birds twirping...I thought those were coming from my yard, until the video was finished...and so was the sound of the birds. So, I played the video again to see if they really were on the video. Sure enough...there it was! What a great sound... I love that back to nature...whatever, whatever. It's just so peaceful and relaxing! THANK YOU!!!