Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunrise, a burning glow perspective

It occurred to me yesterday, while reviewing my sunrise pictures from Wasatch Lake in April, that I didn't really try -- in any of the images in which the rising sphere is actually in full or almost-full view -- to play up the brilliance of the spectacle, its hues or its reflection on the water.

So I went back to my editing software and pulled up an image from the shoot of the second morning sunrise, April 18, and did just that, removing almost all of the highlights and doing very minimal tinkering with midtones and shadows, giving it a look that I've seen commonly in other sunrise and sunset pictures. I also added it to my Part I post on the recent Wasatch Lake visit.

I present the result above, with the original standard exposure below. To see all my images from my three-day visit to Wasatch Lake, see my Wasatch Lake Spring 2012 gallery.

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