Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pink Asiatic lily's turn to bloom

Yesterday, the day after the first of my yellow Asiatic lilies bloomed, I got to see the first blooms from one of the pink Asiatic lilies. To "complete" the blog representation, I went out and took more shots of that, and grabbed a few shots of broccoli crowns while I was at it.

Concluding today's post are two more images of yellow blooms and a look at one of two blueberry bushes I mentioned in Sunday's post.


  1. YES...love that soft pink!!! Do these have a nice smell too? Broccoli...hmmm! You know it's time to pick now??? They're a cool weather plant and all this heat & humidity will cause them to go to flower real fast...but they look dynamic!!! Have you ever made broccoli soup? Good (and easy!!!) And...I see you went out and got you a couple blueberry plants...ah, ha! Hopefully they're the kind that will bear fruit! We could have a famine and you'd be set!!!