Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wasatch Lake, Part IV: Misty Mornings

Another "first" for me during my recent trip to Wasatch Lake was having my camera gear at the ready to photograph a heavy mist over the water in the predawn and sunrise hours of two mornings.

Actually, most of the mist shots were taken the first morning, Tuesday, April 17.  That's when I made the effort to get photos from several angles while zeroing in on the mist, but I couldn't stray too far from my pier or I'd miss the prime spot for the sunrise when it peeked over the trees at the east end of the lake. My best mist shots came from the south side of the lake, which gave me enough light to pick up detail and separation. It also offered me some cool highlights of the mist in its final moments after the warmth of sunrise did away with the vapors

Today's post is dedicated to the mist shots, some of which overlap with the sunrise shots several days ago. One of my favorites is the one above, leading off the post. It integrates the clear tall grass of the foreground with the mostly clear pier and solitary chair just beyond shore with the mist that muddles mostly everything else beyond the pier, including -- if you look closely enough -- resident swan Sonny. If you have trouble spotting him, click on the picture and look at the larger photo; he's pretty much smack dab in the middle, just above the center point of the rope along the pier.

To see a gallery of my full shoot of Wasatch Lake from 2012, visit my site at

Above: Shoreline along the south rim of the lake, looking toward Cabin 8, one of two cabins on the far east end.

Above: Furniture on the expansive pier in front of the lakehouse, which is used only by the property owner and special guests. My cabin was just east of this; you can see its pier in the background.
Above and below: The two geese seen in the lead-off photo Wednesday in pictures taken only moments apart. Above, both are clearly separated from the mist; below, just a few seconds later, the lead goose is obscured by the mist.

 Above: The north shoreline, as seen from the opposite side.

Above: A view of the lakehouse pier, as seen from the pier at my cabin.

Above: A shot that includes an array of color and components in the minute or two before the sun peeked over the trees.

Above: The sun begins to show. 
 Above: Another shoreline shot just as the sun emerged.

Above: the single-chair pier in a post-sunrise shot, with Sonny and a couple of geese in the lake water.

Above: The sunrise splashing some highlighting along the shoreline.

Above, a long-range view of my cabin and pier, looking northwest from the south shoreline; below, the same angle, only a tighter shot of just the pier. 

Above and next three below: The sunrise and its highlight and coloring as depicted in pictures taken only 3 minutes apart from roughly the same point -- in front of my cabin -- but looking in different directions. Above, the sunrise at 7:33 a.m. looking straight out from just behind my pier. 

Above: At 7:35 a.m., standing on the steps in front of my cabin door and looking north and west of the photo above.

Above: Still on the steps, looking back straight out over the pier at 7:36 a.m. and seeing the last of the mist before it would evaporate soon after.

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