Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A photographic reflection on being ...
... a Super Bowl city, Part III

This post is the third and last installment -- and most likely last word from this blog -- on the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, and gathered from what I've been hearing in any conversation in which the big game is mentioned in recent days, everyone in Indy is proud of what it accomplished ... and yet ... quite ready to put it behind us.

Walking through Downtown Indianapolis during the week or so before Super Bowl XLVI gave me a chance to look at and photograph our interesting skyscrapers and landscapes -- some for the first time, others because of the dressage applied because of the game and others ... simply because they are what make up the Downtown. Of the latter group, I include those for the benefit of those of you who are not from Indianapolis, but might appreciate a glimpse of what the place looks like.

I didn't get to see nearly as many buildings close up as I would have liked or wanted. I made a point to grab as snapshots of things you could see normally so those of you who don't live here will know that these are things you can see anytime you visit Indy.

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