Monday, February 6, 2012

A photographic reflection on being ...
... a Super Bowl city, Part II

Part one of this "reflection" was dedicated to the people who populated the Super Bowl Village the past 10 days. Today's Part II takes a more detailed look at the handful of musical groups I was able to photograph in the village in my three visits.

Those include Indianapolis-based Kramus, Blue Moon Revue and Living Proof and the Bret Michaels Band. I devoted a whole post to Living Proof's show, which I think well represented that band's performance, so I won't revisit them here. The shots I got at the Michaels concert weren't that close ... and the few real good ones were at the bottom of a previous post. I'll add just a few more here.

Rather than drop captions under every image, I'll present the bands in the order in which I photographed them -- Kramus (including the lead-off image at top), Blue Moon Revue and the Bret Michaels Band (all on Friday, Jan. 27).

To view full galleries of Kramus, Blue Moon Revue and Living Proof, follow the links with the band names in this sentence. There is no separate gallery for the Michaels Band; there weren't enough quality shots from it.




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