Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Bishops play Mickey's Irish Pub

Today's post is another effort to play catch-up. On Jan. 14, I shot three music performances in the Indianapolis area, starting with two at the Indy Acoustic Cafe Series (Griffin House and Vance Gilbert) in Fountain Square in Indianapolis, before finishing the night in Carmel, at Mickey's Irish Pub, where the cover band The Bishops invited me to shoot their show.

The Bishops were introducing two new band members -- keyboardist RJ Johnson and lead guitarist Matt Ley -- and wanted fresh performance and group shots. I followed up the Jan. 14 visit with a trip the following weekend to CG's Sports Cafe in Bargersville, where I took formal group shots, one of which the band is now using at its web site, and also recorded a dozen video clips, which you can check out at this link. I'll post shots from the show at CG's in my next post. 

Today's post, however, concentrates on the Jan. 14 show at Mickey's. Besides Johnson and Ley, band members include drummer John Marque, bass player Eldon Hawkins, vocalist Georgette Fraction and guitarist/vocalist Bryan Bishop. The image leading off the post is my favorite among the many shots I got of the Mickey's patrons dancing to the music and fussing over new guitarist Ley.

To see a full gallery of images from this show, visit this link.

Above, a view of the dance floor from the stage. Band members Matt Ley (foreground) on lead guitar and Bryan Bishop (far right) on lead vocals. Below, Ley in the throes of a solo.

Above: I didn't find out until after posting a similar picture -- one without the dip -- on my Facebook page that the couple featured in this silhouette were at Mickey's that evening to celebrate their engagement. The couple, which asked me for prints of this shot, are Dean Kraner and Kimberly Hamilton McCord.

Above and below: The primary vocalists for The Bishops, Bryan Bishop and Georgette Fraction. 

Above and below: The band's rhythm section, John Marque on drums and Eldon Hawkins on bass.

Above: New keyboardist RJ Johnson, with Marque in the background.

Above and next two below: More shots from the dance floor.

Above: The band brought up a Mickey's patron to handle lead vocals on a song during the last set. He embraced the opportunity and did a bang-up job.

Above: Catching Fraction in a reflective moment.

Above and next two below: More interaction between dancers and guitarist Ley.

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