Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Band Wagon rocks in the new year

Band Wagon, the Indianapolis cover band featured here in a recent post after it played a private party in Crawfordsville, invited me to be with them to take photographs of its New Year's Eve experience at Champps Americana at Keystone at the Crossing on the Far Northside of Indianapolis. I eagerly accepted, and it turned out to be an energizing way to usher in the new year.

It's nice to kick back, relax and have fun like I observed of the revelers at Champps, and I wouldn't have minded being in that position, surrounded by friends and savoring that special moment when the year changes. But it's equally rewarding and satisfying to capture those moments in pictures, and I found myself enjoying the quest throughout the night.

Band Wagon lucked out with a fun-filled and happy crowd (but not over-the-top) that warmed to the music -- and the moment, saluting the old year when the countdown came, cheering in the new year when the horns blew and -- to paraphrase a lyric from a Van Halen song -- dancing the night away. The band also was fortunate to have a restaurant staff that, at least in my experience in seeking out various angles for shots on this night, proved to be courteous, helpful, accommodating and understanding.

This post is a glimpse of the night, leading off (top) with a moment when Band Wagon's Lisa Kopczynski romped through a number and looked straight out into the crowd dancing around me. I made a point to grab my shots quickly and move away to let the frolicking proceed without further intrusion, but I'm happy I got that shot.

To view a full gallery of images from this shoot, visit this link.
Above: Literally seconds after the clock struck midnight.

Above: A sip of New Year's champagne.

Above: People paused to give new year hugs and salutations to everyone in the vicinity.

Above: Those who weren't horn-blowing or hugging quickly jumped on their mobile devices to either send or receive New Year's wishes. The next day, I heard that cellular towers nationwide (perhaps even globally) were so jammed with texts wishes at midnight that some people didn't receive texts until two to three hours after someone had sent them.

Above: Even band member Tim Dunn got into the mobile-device-checking action during the post-midnight break.
Above: Lisa in a shot I liked for the lighting color and highlights and camera angle.

Above: Derek Carmichael cracking down the beat.

Above: Kent Andrews laying down the bass lines opposite Derek and the drums.
Above: This woman was invited to join the band on stage to play cowbell for Band Wagon's cover of the Rolling Stones' "Honky Tonk Woman." She did a fine job.

Above: David Hetrick giving that expression indicating that he is one with the riff. I don't know about others, but I appreciate seeing a musician emote in the throes of a piece they're playing.

Above: A woman named Renee was celebrating a birthday, so she was asked to come onto the stage and take a bow.

Above: Tim hitting just that right note ... 

Above: Lisa getting down near the end of the night. 

There was lots of horn-blowing going on in the first 10 minutes after midnight, including the above and below examples of dueling toots.

After the horn-blowing, there was more action on the dance floor to be had. There was outright boogeying (above) ... 
... slow dancing ...

... and even line dancing.

Above: Having a good time was what it was all about Saturday night.

Above: A fervent dancer caught in the indigo mood lighting. 

Above: Lots of moment self-capturing going on ... 

Above: Tim from the stage drop-off level.

Above: As close as I could come to getting a full band shot. Only Derek is sliced out, but ... his drums are in there.

Above: A New Year's best wishes greeting by a woman in the group with the band.

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