Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Market, Old World Style

This weekend, the Indy Meetup Photo Club had a vendor's booth at the Old World Christmas Village & Market at the Joy of All Who Sorrow Orthodox Christian Church, 1516 N. Delaware St., in Indianapolis. On the main vendors' floor, we had a stand to display and sell images taken by club members. Some of the photographs -- including many of mine -- were taken in the very neighborhood (the Old Northside) where the church and market are located. We'd taken these for a project earlier in the year that culminated in a show in August at the Propylaeum, just a block south of the church on North Delaware Street.

IMUPC also had a photo booth at the Old World Christmas Market, where we offered on-the-spot sittings and portraits for anyone who was interested. The church and market group made Dickens-era clothing available for those who wanted their portraits taken wearing garb to reflect the market's Old World period -- "a picture 150 years ago in a small village in the woods with caroling and music," according to the church's description of the market.

"There are European baked treats, gift shops filled with local and international artisans, the smell of fresh pine in the air and home-made dinners. There is always a visit from a maiden in light with a ring of candles on her head (Santa Lucia) giving out special pastries to the tune of an ancient melody. Strolling musicians will perform throughout the village. There are special places for the children, where they can do their Christmas shopping and make crafts for their families."

You can see many of the things described above in the pictures below, including a section of the IMUPC's photo displays (very last photo in the post) and a candid shot of a couple taking advantage of our photo portrait station (penultimate photo). These photos were taken from the Friday night installment of the two-day market (which also was open on Saturday).     

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  1. Very nice! If only you could have captured the smells and the holiday spirit... The music was incredible!!! For a mere $2 entry fee, one could go and listen to beautifully played music all evening, have a fabulous homecooked meal and not have to spend over $10. However, there were so many unique items and at very low prices! More than once I heard that it was the best bazaar around. I totally agree! As an example, for dinner, I had their homemeade shrimp creole. Whoever made that, did a super job...and it was bargain-priced at $7. One booth that got my attention was the doll booth, where they also had other collectibles. I bought two for unbelievable give-away prices. (Now, I need a little girl to give them too!) The Photo Shop picked up quite a bit on Saturday (I believe word was getting around)and people were standing in line to get their photos taken. That was a really nice addition to the bazaar! I sold 3 of my own pictures; almost everyone had a sale (or more)! You, too, Joe! And, the vendor who had the booth selling cards with photos - you know, the both we were not to have any competition with because they were going to have cards...WELL, you will not believe! She's a good friend from the past! We had both worked at Community for 30 years...both at East, and both at North. I was in Nursing Admin and Psychiatry; she was the Director for Physical Therapy. (Small World). She's now retired and a great photographer. You know... I will be trying my darndest to recruit her! We have several ideas for next year already...but this year's bazaar and our experiences were most certainly enjoyable! Amazing how that little church at the corner of 16th and Delaware...just seemed awfully, awfully BIG this weekend...

    Thanks for posting these pictures!!!!!