Friday, October 28, 2011

Hanover College football:
Game Day, Part III

Unlike the two prior installments in this series, today's post -- the final in the series -- has nothing to do with football ... and all to do with the Hanover (Ind.) College campus. The only connection today's photos have to do with football is that I was on campus that day, Oct. 22, 2011, primarily to shoot the football game between Hanover and Manchester College (North Manchester, Ind.).

After the game, I strolled through the campus to take advantage of the dramatic late-afternoon sunlight to capture images such as the leading photo (top), a shot that uses backlight to -- among other things -- add definition to water in the fountain in the front of Duggan Library. To see a full gallery of images taken on the campus -- both on Oct. 22 and in February, during a prior visit, follow this link.

One of the nicest features available at the Hanover College website is its campus map; I turned to it several times to reinforce my memory of the various spots and locations I captured in photographs. I'd like to thank whoever was reponsible for assembling what turned out to be very helpful tool for me.

Above and next two below: Views of the Lynn Center for the Fine Arts, whose stately elegance is reinforced by these lofty trees flanking the brick-covered walk leading to the facility.

Above: Adjacent to the Lynn Center for the Fine Arts is the Duggan Library (also featured in the lead photo at the top). It, too, has brick-paved walkways -- three of them, one straight ahead, and two diagonals extending in opposite directions across the mall in front of it. The path you see here is one of the diagonals.
Above and next two below: Views of the Science Center / Goodrich Hall complex. Another striking facility because of its column-supported covered entryway. 

Above: J. Graham Brown Campus Center, the hub of student life and activity on campus because it houses the main dining hall, the student activity center, student mailroom and bookstore. It was named for the philanthropist who donated $2 million toward its construction in 1967 ... and is another structure on campus distinguished by a Roman-column-supported entryway cover.

Above: The landscaping alongside the curved drive in front of the J. Graham Brown Campus Center.

Above: Chrysanthemums in bloom in the landscaped beds within the pedestrian roundabout in the mall in front of Horner Health and Recreation Center.
Above: A look at the main entrance to Horner Health and Recreation Center -- and the landscaped pedestrian roundabout -- from a point just in front of Morse Lane.
Above: When those familiar with the campus see this distinguished clock, they know immediately they're at the intersection of Morse Lane and Ball Drive. This view looks east, toward the Science Center / Goodrich Hall.
Above and next three down: These images were taken from "The Point," the southeastern most location on campus. The view looks southwest and comes at the edge of a bluff overlooking the Ohio River, where students often visit to relax or for inspiration or meditation. According to an informational plaque on a boulder called "Coed Rock" at The Point, the boulder "is recognized as a traditional site for the first kiss of Hanover couples." The third picture below depicts the homes right up against the river bank below the bluff.

Above: Limestone steps leading back to campus from the Coed Rock at The Point.

Above: Also taken from The Point, a short distance from Coed Rock, but looking southeast. 

Above: Parker Auditorium, home to the school's theater department. This building and Hendricks Hall are the closest structures to The Point.

Above: The spire and weather vane atop Parker Auditorium, built in 1947. The vane features a pioneer preacher on horseback, indicating the building’s origins as the campus chapel and classroom for future ministers.

Above: An isolated structure I came across not far from L.S. Ayres Field, the football stadium, near the junction of File and Clemmons streets. I don't find it identified on the campus map, so perhaps it's not actually part of the campus. The nicely manicured lawn and landscaped property compelled me to capture it.

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