Friday, April 29, 2011

The Bishops rock The Grill

Spent last Friday night photographing The Bishops, an Indianapolis rock band that was pretty cool to begin with, but they introduced a keyboard player, Brian Barbour, at their show April 22 at The Grill, 9755 Fall Creek Road, Indianapolis, and the band's Bryan Bishop thinks this will open the group to explore more songs and styles.

The Grill is a cozy place, but that didn't stop people from finding room to dance through the night. The Bishops do loads of spot-on covers, from Mellencamp to Prince, Rolling Stones to Vanilla Ice, Neil Diamond (their "Sweet Caroline" was a venue-sing-a-long on Friday) to Wild Cherry (remember "Play that Funky Music"?). Bishop and vocalist Georgette Fraction handle most of the lead vocals, but lead guitarist Eric Boehmer will tackle a song or two ... and he's the start attraction on the guitar-solo-frenzied "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent.

Also in the band are bassist Eldon Hawkins and drummer John Marque. These images are from their show at The Grill.

For a full gallery of images from the show, follow this link.

Eric Boehmer (above), spellbound by the moment ... and (below) mixing it up on the axe with an animated Bryan Bishop.

Above: Georgette Fraction, doing what she does so well; the joy is obvious.

Above: New keyboardist Brian Barbour.

Above: Bassist Eldon Hawkins in the middle of a windmill strum.

Above: Bishop showing his skills on harmonica.
Boehmer investing in the solo (above) ... and a closeup of his pick hand (below).

Above: Taking a different perspective, aided by a wide-angle lens, and getting unobstructed views of five of the six band members. From left: Bishop, drummer John Marque, Fraction, Hawkins and Boehmer.

Bishop hamming it up (above) on one tune, then donning the prop (below) for Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby." 

Marque (above) putting a silence on a cymbal and (below) getting into his rhythm contributions. 

Fraction (above) taking lead on Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" then (below) taking lead on laughter.

Bassist Hawkins (above) and keyboardist Barbour (below).

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