Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reflections, lines, patterns ...
and blue denims at Bean Creek

Two weeks ago, when I posted my shots from an early-evening exercise in silhouettes in Garfield Park in Indianapolis, I promised to come back and post the shots I took moments earlier around Bean Creek near the park's pedestrian bridge over the stream just west of the Sunken Garden.

It's taken me a while -- and four shoots later -- but today I'm posting those images. There aren't many, nor are they spectacular, but I post them in the greater objective of logging my shoots and accounting for my efforts.

If you recall, this was the night of Feb. 15, 2011, when I pocketed my PowerShot G12 before heading out of the house for a walk to pick up some popcorn salt at the grocery. The objective of this point of the shoot was simply to capture reflections in the creek and interesting lines and patterns on the bridge and the black metal bridge hand rails. As it turned out, some snow, footprints and the photographer's denim jeans and sneakers snuck into the pictures as well.

Above and below: Upstream (north) of the bridge, where the rocks and stones send ripples through the water.

Above and top of post (lead photo): Downstream (south of the bridge), all was clam -- and the reflections were tack sharp.

Above: I'm not planning, anytime soon, to use my feet to tell time. They show 1:50 p.m., but I know for a fact -- and the image's EXIF data verifies -- that it was a little past 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 15, 2011, when I took this shot.

Above and below: These won't be mistaken for Bigfoot. 

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