Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bishops frolic at Clancy's Pub

Music was the source of another shoot on Jan. 14, this time at Clancy's Pub on the southside of Indianapolis. The Indy rock band The Bishops was performing. The band members are Bryan Bishop (vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitar), Georgette Fraction (vocals), Eric Boehmer (lead guitar), Eldon Hawkins (bass) and John Marque (drums). These images are from that visit.

A full gallery of images from the show can be found at The Bishops at Clancy's Pub.

Above: Georgette hitting a high note.

Above: The full band (minus drummer Marque) from left: Bishop, Fraction, Boehmer and Hawkins.

Above: Bishop and Fraction, during a high-steppin' number.

Above: The band at the start of a country-western tune. New member Hawkins (far right) had started the song without a prop, so someone from the audience volunteered their pink cowgirl hat. Good-naturedly, he accepted ... and (below) had fun with it.

 Above: Hawkins in a more serious mode, laying down the bass lines. 

Above: Bishop, Fraction and Boehmer in a frame treated with a glow-diffusion texturizing filter in post-processing.

Above and next two below: The energy-pumping Georgette Fraction, in high groove and song.

Above and next two below: Eric Boehmer, vested heavily in his musicianship and vocals.

Above: Bryan Bishop, dressed -- and posed -- to deliver the band's cover of Vanilla Ice's "Ice, Ice Baby."

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