Thursday, December 16, 2010

Looking up ... inside the pagoda

While out shooting pictures of the snowfall in Garfield Park in Indianapolis last weekend, I was angling for interesting vistas and perspectives from inside the park's landmark structure, the pagoda. I showed a couple images taken from there in the previous post. What you didn't see in that post were some pictures I made after simply tilting by head backward and looking up while inside the pagoda.

That's what this post is about -- images of the spiral staircase that leads to an upper level that used to be accessible to the public, but is no longer. I also grabbed shots of the steelwork that supports the pagoda roof and the staircase. In 32 years of living that close to Garfield Park, I'd never before stopped to take in that portion of the architecture. The monochrome conversion (at the top of post), I thought, was an especially striking visual. I also enjoyed studying the various stones mortared into the pagoda's exterior, and decided to grab a few images of those.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Garfield Park pagoda, I start below with an exterior perspective shot ... taken Feb. 5, 2010, also during a snowstorm, so you can what this structure looks like on the outside. All other images were taken Dec. 12, 2010.




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