Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More from Butler vs. Hanover


Here are some more game images from Thursday's exhibition college basketball game between Butler University and Hanover College at Hinkle Fieldhouse on the Butler campus. Butler won the game 80-41. The lead image (top) is a three-frame sequence of Hanover's Ryan Nowicki of Carmel, Ind., at the end of a fast-break layup after he picked up a loose ball at the Butler end of the court. Nowick is a graduate of Guerin Catholic High School in Noblesville, Ind.

I'm going to try to devote the next post to the pageantry that visitors and fans enjoy when they attend a Butler game -- the band, the cheerleaders, the dancers, the appearance of Blue II and the walking (human) Bulldog mascots.

To view a gallery of game images, visit the following link: Butler vs. Hanover basketball.

Southport High School alum Mike Case (40) of Hanover goes up for a follow-up bucket after grabbing a rebound off a a missed shot by a teammate.

In a scramble for a rebound, Hanover's Mitchell Meyer ends up with the ball. Butler's Erik Fromm is behind him.

Butler's Shelvin Mack makes the commitment to leave his feet; will he try to shoot, or pass off to a teammate? 

Butler's Ronald Nored makes the choice: It's time to shoot. Defending is Hanover's Mike Case, a Southport High School graduate.

Butler big men Andrew Smith (44) and Matt Howard (54) lose this rebound to their Hanover opponent.

Shelvin Mack of Butler applies the brakes in mid-drive to the basket to transition to a possible jump shot while defended by Hanover's Drake Hendricks.

Butler's Zach Hahn (3) executes a bit of trickery, flipping a pass to a teammate to his right while looking straight ahead.

Hanover's Ryan Nowicki (14) has his hand caught in the jersey of Butler Alex Anglin during this scramble for a rebound that also included Nowicki's teammate Jacob Rieger (35).

The Bulldogs' Grant Leiendecker (22) gets off a shot around the extended arm of Hanover's Mike Case.

Butler freshman Khyle Marshall is one with the hoop ... and basketball. 

A coach barking out instructions is commonplace at any college game, and Butler head coach Brad Stevens is no exception.

Hanover's Jim Faehr wins the battle of this rebound over Butler's Emerson Kampen (30) and Faehr's teammate Mitchell Meyer (42).

Butler freshman Erik Fromm of Bloomington shoots a jumper. 

Hanover's Jacob Rieger contests an attempt by Butler's Ronald Nored (5) to drive to the basket.  

Hanover head coach Jon Miller taking his turn directing the troops.

Cody Osman of Hanover had to put some English on the ball to get this bounce pass past Butler's Shawn Vanzant.

Butler's Matt Howard (54) and Hanover's Brian Gunter go arm to arm over this ball above the hoop.

Butler's Andrew Smith (right) doesn't want Hanover's Mike Case to even think about going up for a shot.

Khyle Marshall is just inches away from a successful slam dunk to give Butler two more points. 

Shelvin Mack of Butler puts the pressure on Hanover's Brian Gunter, who's trying to maneuver a shot from the post. 

It's a symphony of arms -- and Hanover Mike Case's right leg -- during this scrum for a rebound. Also battling for possession are (from left behind Case) Hanover's Patrick Heckman of Greenwood (a Roncalli High School graduate) and Butler's Khyle Marshall and Andrew Smith. Zach Hahn (3) keeps a safe distance from the flying limbs. 

Two frames after the above photo, Case -- who's now on the floor and out of the picture except for an arm and hand -- clings to Smith's jersey as the scrum plays out. In this frame, Hahn now gets involved.

Patrick Heckman flips a pass to a Hanover teammate.

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