Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn shoot in Garfield Park

Today's post presents images from my autumn shoot this week in Garfield Park. As often as I've ventured there to shoot, you'd think I'd run out of things to photograph. But I can't think of a time I've not come away with finding something of interest.

As Central Indiana residents well know, this has been an extraordinarily dry summer and early autumn. For once, the Bobby Russell song lyric " ... and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summer time" from the the 1968 pop hit "Little Green Apples" (recorded by O.C. Smith) proved to be true.

Forecasters predicted that this dry spell could bode ill for the traditional enjoyment of the fall color show. Indeed, we saw early leaf falling and colors not nearly as brilliant as we've seen in past years. That, in turn, challenged my creative instincts, as you'll see from the images in this post.

You'll find a few traditional tree shots, as there were still a few worthy of capture. But this season's shoot focused largely on looking upward (attribute the rich blue sky color to the polarizing filter), zeroing in on closeups, exploiting interesting juxtapositions and the late-afternoon's dramatic light, and getting down low. In the case of the light contrasts, I present two versions of two frames -- one of the multicolor leaf display in one of my "look upward" shots, and -- in the final pair of images -- a "normal" vs. infrared treatment of a pathway vista noteworthy for the splash of setting-sun highlight on the left foreground tree while almost all other trees are in shade.

Enjoy. And, oh, in case you weren't already aware, you really need to click on each picture to fully appreciate the image. The thumbnails never do them justice.












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